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Various Ways on How to Find NFT Projects Early

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How to Find NFT Projects Early

The early bird gets the worm in the crypto world. As in, smart early adopters might make significant profits by locating projects before they can be shilled by crypto influencers or pushed in mainstream media. Having said that, discovering early jewels in this domain is easier said than done. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 Ways to Find NFT Projects Early.

1. Twitter.

Twitter is the most effective tool for identifying NFT ventures early on. The NFT community thrives on this platform. As a result, you can identify which notable influencers and customers in the industry are interested in and following. This is where everyone discusses projects they like and hate, as well as what they’re purchasing, holding, and selling.

Accounts like bobbyquinn, for example, utilize an analytical approach to evaluating NFTs, as do accounts like BAYC that have been around since the NFT frenzy and trade well on conviction.

Users can construct lists in this situation to aggregate common subjects and branch out. One can also observe who communicates with whom and then go from there. Finally, you can participate in Twitter conversations to see what the people you follow are thinking in real time.

2. Discord.

If you can cut through the noise, Discord is an even better tool than Twitter for finding NFT nuggets. Every project, group, or influencer has its own Discord Server with varying levels of participation. Similarly, if you can locate servers with close-knit communities that publicly debate new initiatives, you will discover:

  • Free Mint Club, for example, makes information about impending free mints. There are other servers dedicated to particular NFT collections.
  • Join the BAYC server to chat with the original BAYC minters.
  • To communicate with Cool Cats developers, use the Cool Cats server.

Finally, the easiest way to learn about what the community is buying and selling is to connect, and there is no better way to participate than through Discord.

3. Nansen.ai.

One of the most obvious approaches to find NFT jewels is through true analytical data. As a result, Nansen makes that power available to its consumers.

Nansen collects buyer data from OpenSea and organizes it into easy-to-understand graphs and analyses. Users can observe where the smart money is moving, or what the markets’ most powerful buyers are buying and holding.

You can also configure alerts to warn you when individual wallets mint or when a new collection is purchased. You can also discover what the most popular groups are each week.

4. RyzeNFT.

RyzeNFT is an expensive but powerful tool for locating and acting on undervalued NFTs. Before being converted for NFTs, Ryze Solutions was a hidden tool. The NFT plugin provides users with access to a plethora of extremely powerful capabilities.

  • Rarity sniffer: This tool displays rarity rankings directly on OpenSea.
  • Mint sniping tools: Allow you to mint from the contract the moment a mint opens, allowing you to avoid any gas wars.
  • The OpenSea sniper allows you to set a max price to sweep floors on underpriced NFTs.

As a result, Ryze automatically monitors this collection, and if somebody posts significantly below the floor hoping for rapid liquidity, Ryze tells you so that you may buy it right away.

In addition, Ryze sells access to this Tool as an NFT. Available for 0.94 Ether + a monthly membership fee of 0.08 Ether. For 3.89 Ether, you may get a lifetime membership. At the very least, because the subscription is in the form of an NFT, you may sell it on OpenSea at any time.

5. OpenSea Activity.

Another approach is to use the tools provided by OpenSea and other websites. Using Twitter, Discord, and other technologies, you may locate hot or trending collections and track their activity in Open Sea. This is a no-cost and simple solution. Locate the collection and choose the activities tab. You may view minute-by-minute transactions as well as statistics such as the average price, owners, and more.

You may also manually monitor all OpenSea activity. Simply choose metrics, activity, and then sort by chain. Users may also keep an eye out for trends, big sales, and recurrent collections. And if you spend enough time on OpenSea, you will learn to identify practically every collection.


Finally, users will be able to monitor patterns of whales scooping up rares from a collection to detect early signs of a trending collection. Furthermore, you may keep an eye out for reoccurring collections in the stream to monitor how the entire community is progressing. Which NFT projects are on your list of favourite? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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